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Epithelial Cell Nests

Images pictured above:

Image JA0889 (Esophageal cancer biopsy, LM)

Image JA0891 (Esophageal cancer biopsy, LM)

Light micrograph of an esophageal cancer biopsy. More specifically this is “Infiltrating Keratinizing Well Differentiated Epidermoid Carcinoma”. It is a epithelial neoplasic proliferation, constituted by epithelial cell nests, with keratin and infiltrating in a pattern of solid nests. In the center of these neoplastic epithelial nests there are numerous keratin sheets, some of which become keratin pearls. Esophageal cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer. The subtypes are squamous-cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. These can be caused by tobacco products, alcohol and Barrett’s esophagus. The treatment options are usually surgery, laser therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiofrequency ablation. The prognosis is, in general, quite poor because most patients are diagnosed with advanced stage of the disease. Field of view size: 500 x 740 micrometer (0.020 x 0.029 in)

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